Top 10 Ways to Spice up your Relationship

People nowadays are focusing to earn more and more money every day. What they do not realise is they are ignoring everything else in life including their love relation. These people care about earning more and start ignoring their soul mates. It leads in ending of relationships as people start treating their partners as secondary objects. Keep in mind that relationships are delicate and you are required to pay proper attention to your other half. In case you stop caring for them like you use to, you may end up losing your partner.


  • 1

    Do not stop communicating

    You should always express love to your partner every day. Never stop communicating or your relation might fall apart. You might come across different and negative opinions. Remember that communication involves speaking as well as listening so you should never stop it.

  • 2

    Date at rooftop

    You should plan a date or similar surprise every weekend. This will release stress from your hectic week and make the bond with your partner stronger. Couple can also have a ball dance to spice the romantic date.

  • 3

    Make your room a love paradise

    You need to spice up your room to a love paradise. People need to spice up their relationship because they are staying in their room. You need to re-decorate your room which gives a feeling of heaven alone. Room should smell great and you should focus on curtains, pillows and sheets.

  • 4

    Hugging, Cuddling and holding

    You should hug, cuddle and hold each other. This will connect the physical gaps between you and your partner. You need to find time and excuse staying together. Remember that there should be no distances.

  • 5


    You need to have discussions on weekly or monthly basis. You need to talk about what is wrong and what is missing. This will prevent ending of relationships.

  • 6

    Work out together

    Studies show that working out together increases the desire of making love. Seek for physical activities which both partners will love and start doing it. You can either workout outdoors or indoors e.g. you can either jog in a park or on a treadmill in a gym.

  • 7

    Take a break

    You and your partner need to take some break from your busy schedule and have fun together. The couple can go to a gaming arena or even at amusement park to have fun together.

  • 8

    Pet names

    You should give many pet names to each other. Remember that these pet names come from the core of your heart and this makes the other feel special.

  • 9

    Surprise gifts

    You can give surprise gifts to each other occasionally. This will make your partner feel he or she is really special.

  • 10

    Say ‘i love you’ in a different way

    You need to say ‘i love you’ in a romantic and different way. You need to express your feelings and say these three special words in different ways.

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