Top 10 Foods for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing in itself when a cute baby starts as a ball of cells and then turned into this wonderful human being. It is the wish of every mother to give birth to a healthy baby to lay the foundation of a family with a good physical shape. Proper food during the pregnancy play vital role in keeping the mother fit and giving birth to a healthy baby. Moreover, mother is the main source of providing food to her child during his or her 9 months in the womb. Therefore, it is really important for every mother to have a clear idea of what to eat during pregnancy.

The given below list of foods helps in the development of a baby full of life:


  • 1

    Eat eggs during Pregnancy

    Make sure to add eggs in your pregnancy diet plan as they are rich sources of protein which helps in the development of baby’s cells. Moreover, they contain mineral and twelve vitamins, which again lend a hand in the development of various body parts of your baby. Make sure to east at least two eggs a day during pregnancy.

  • 2

    Have Salmons during Pregnancy

    Salmons are quite a few species of fish in the family Salmonidae. The intake of salmons during pregnancy is good for the brain development and vision of the baby as they contain omega-3 fatty acids and quality proteins. However, make sure to eat salmons in limited quantity, once a week at the most.

  • 3

    Eat Beans during Pregnancy

    The digestion process usually slows down during pregnancy, causing hemorrhoids or constipation. The digestive problems can have negative effect on your baby. Therefore, make sure to take proper proportion of beans during pregnancy for a smooth digestive process. Beans are full of minerals, vitamins, fiber and protein.

  • 4

    Eat Sweet potatoes during Pregnancy

    Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A and vitamin C. If you take orange potatoes during pregnancy, their orange will convert into Vitamin A once it gets digested. Now, this vitamin A is essential for the vision development of your baby. Vitamin C, on the other hand, helps in the formation of DNA along with RNA and also provides fibers for proper digestive system.

  • 5

    Eat Whole grains during Pregnancy

    Whole grains, known as cereal grains, are also necessary food for pregnant women. They are full of selenium, fiber and Vitamin E, which assist in the proper functioning of the immune of the mother during pregnancy and facilitate her baby stay healthy in her uterus or womb. Whole grains come from a range of sources, including wheat, oat, barley (Dehulled and Hulled only), maize, brown rice, emmer, einkorn, kamut, rye, millet, quinoa, amaranth, triticale, teff, sprouted grains, and buckwheat etc.

  • 6

    Eat Nuts during Pregnancy

    Taking nuts during pregnancy is a great way to give your heart-healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids a boost, which in return helps in the brain development of your baby. Enjoy nuts during pregnancy and give birth to a healthy minded baby.

  • 7

    Eat Green leafy vegetables during Pregnancy

    Fresh green leafy vegetables like Swiss chard, kale and spinach are great sources of vitamins. Vitamin A is good in enhancing the vision of your baby while Vitamin C and K help in the immune system and blood clotting of mother during pregnancy.

  • 8

    Eat Lean Meats during Pregnancy

    Eating low fat lean meats including poultry, pork, or red meat etc during pregnancy is good for both mother and her baby in the uterus. Lean meats provide both of them with a proper quantity of protein. However, make sure to cut off as many fat from the meat as you can.

  • 9

    Eat Yogurt during Pregnancy

    Yogurt is another good for pregnant women. Pure yogurt contains calcium and protein in it. Known to majority of you, calcium helps in making the bones strong. Therefore, it not only helps in maintaining the proper condition of the mother’s bones but also helps in the bone developmental process in her unborn baby.

  • 10

    Eat fresh fruits during Pregnancy

    Fresh fruits provide pregnant women and their expected baby with necessary minerals, vitamins, as well as fiber. Found in many citrus fruits, Vitamin C is a main source of citric acid, which helps pregnant women in the absorption of iron. In addition to that, it promotes healthy gums for both mother and her expected baby. Apricots have a large amount of iron in them and also help the pregnant women in converting the food into energy. Berries are weighed down with vitamin C and antioxidants. It helps pregnant mothers during nausea and in the cell formation process in the baby. However, make sure to avoid few of the fruits which are considered not good for pregnancy, including papaya, Pineapple, and Grapes.

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