How to Perform a Background Check on Nanny

Most people underestimate the need to perform a background check on nanny as they are deceived by appearances. One should never underestimate the need to do a background check on nanny. Keeping in mind that it is not reasonable to leave your baby in the hands of a stranger, thus performing a background check should be the first priority. In addition, the law also requires you to check the background of a potential candidate before making the hiring decision. For this, you feel free to check the references furnished by candidate.


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    Obtain at least three references

    Just a single reference is not going to do the task; therefore, you must ask the nanny to give at least three strong references. After you have obtained the references, you must talk to each reference and enquire about the nanny. You should list down the important questions like when she was employed. How long did she work? What was the reason for leaving? How would you evaluate her? And what are your recommendations?

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    Ask for more references if you did not get the information

    If you have tried all three references and you were unable to reach any of them or you failed to acquire your desired information, then you must ask the nanny to give more references to you. Remember that there is nothing odd with demanding references and she should not have any trouble giving you the references.

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    Ask her to fill out the form

    After you have checked the references, you must now ask the nanny to fill out a form, which will include small details about her. The form should include her first name, last name, address, social security number, driver’s license number and the list of her employers in the past. You should ask her to mention the names of employers other than those three references.

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    Explain to her the reason for running a background check

    It is important that you explain to the nanny the reason for conducting a background check on her. There is nothing wrong with that and she will understand.  You must sign an agreement with her and ask her to allow you to run a background check. If she disagrees, you must think whether you could afford to hand over the responsibility of your kids to such a person or not?

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    Authenticate the provided information

    You must authenticate the provided information and ensure that she has given you the correct information.

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