Top 10 Reasons Why Women Cheat on Men

Why she is cheating on me? Perhaps this issue is the concern of every man who has had to face the lies of a woman he loved. Both men and women are unfaithful as often infidelity can ruin even the most solid marriage.

Psychologists argue that men cheat women more often because they are polygamous while women are good in keeping a relationship. However, cheating married and unmarried women are now common in our lives. If you want to know why women cheat on men then check out some of the reasons given.


  • 1

    Sexual frustration:

    Women often cheat when they observe sexual frustration or when they are not satisfied with their partner’s way of showing affection. This selfish need become so important that it forces them to commit adultery.

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    Women cheat when they do not get enough compliments from their partner. They want to hear good things about their appearance. For example, your eyes sparkle like stars and your lips are like roses.

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    Women often cheat on men in order to take revenge. She will not forget if she has seen you with some other girl until the day that she dies.

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  • 4

    Marriage proposal:

    Almost every woman wants to get married while men, on the contrary, avoid it by prolonging the relationship. So, a woman decides to cheat and run away from a man who is not interested in sending her a marriage proposal.

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  • 5

    Materialistic approach:

    Every woman loves to buy new clothes, new shoes etc. but when they do not get it they want to end the relationship. It does not take them much time to break up a relationship if they know that the future of her loved one is not secure. They want money and gifts all the time and when they do not get it, they prefer other ways of earning them.

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  • 6

    Dream lover:

    Romantic and inspirational women cheat on men after finding their dream lover. They breakup the relationship after finding out their current lover is lacking something she terribly wants.

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  • 7

    Intolerable dispute:

    Many women are not satisfied with their loved one. They do not understand that disputes are part of a relationship. They start cheating on their husband or lover as soon as they find another shoulder upon which they can cry.

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  • 8


    Men always try to prove that they are better than women. The struggle for power and dominance denies romance and feelings in a relationship that can lead to change. Women do not want to listen about their weaknesses. So, if their loved one is pointing out too many mistakes, they prefer cheating on him.

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  • 9

    Lack of appreciation:

    When a woman finds out that her lover is finding it difficult to appreciate the good things she has done for him, she decides to part company and for that purpose, she starts cheating.

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  • 10


    Women always want to be the centre of attraction and they can go beyond any limit when their loved one is not paying attention.

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