How to Deal with an Annoying Sibling

Anyone who has siblings will tell you that there are fights, and younger siblings are often a nuisance for older ones. However, there is no denying the fact that some of the most fun times and memories often include your brothers and sisters. If you have siblings who are annoying, you should try to deal with them in a mature manner rather than cutting them off or staying away yourself. Keep reading to learn how you can establish a better relationship with your frustrating sibling.


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    Ignore your sibling’s annoying actions

    Whether you have an annoying brother or sister, sometimes it is important that you don’t pay attention. Don’t get in the way, let him/her do whatever he/she pleases. If he/she resorts to annoying you deliberately, try and ignore it and continue with your tasks. This will show him/her that annoying you is a waste of time and effort and yields no result. Ideally, if you carry on this practice for a few weeks, you will start noticing a change in your sibling’s behavior.

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    Teach by example

    If it is your sibling’s behavior that annoys you, you might want to consider teaching by example. In order to correct the annoying behavior, you will need to deal with it maturely. If for instance, your sibling likes to throw tantrums, be calm and composed while you tell your sibling that sometimes catering to whims and wishes is not possible for people. Likewise, don’t respond to anger with anger – show how composure results in a better atmosphere at home. If you continue this way, your sibling will mellow down in time.

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    Give positive attention

    Sometimes, siblings act in a certain way to seek attention. He/she might feel ignored or unappreciated for his/her efforts, leading to unhealthy behavior. In order to solve such an issue, you will need to pay positive attention. If your sibling has a hobby, start appreciating him/her for it. For instance, if your sibling likes computers and tech, you can initiate discussions on the topic and then praise your sibling for his/her knowledge and enthusiasm. This will promote the healthy and constructive hobbies and your sibling will not feel the need to resort to attention seeking actions.

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    Arrange fun activities together

    In order to strengthen your relationship and promote a sense of constructive fun in your sibling, you should plan fun activities that take his/her focus away from the annoying habits or actions. For instance, you can plan a trip to a theme park or take your sibling out every now and then for a drive or a show. This will help you form a stronger relation and in effect will teach your sibling to focus on having fun rather than ruining things.

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