How to Be a Good Housewife

In order to keep a marriage strong and ever-lasting, it is imperative for the woman to make an effort to be a great wife and take care of her husband in whatever way she can. A housewife in particular should do everything she possibly can to make sure that she becomes a source of comfort for her husband, while at the same time taking care of his needs, the house, kids, etc.

Being a housewife is indeed a full-time job that requires just as much effort and commitment as any other job. There reward for a job well done is definitely worth the effort and is probably the biggest motivation for the housewives around the world to be good at their job.


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    Understand that it is your responsibility to look after the house. Your husband is sacrificing his comfort to get up early in the morning to get to the office and work there for nearly half the day just to earn bread and butter for the family. You should take responsibility for making sure that the house looks great when he comes back home. If you have a maid, make sure she is working properly.

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    Improve your cooking skills. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cooking a great meal and serving it to your husband when he returns from work will show him that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about making him happy. He will surely love this feeling. If you are not good at cooking, get yourself a cook-book or have a relative help you become good at it.

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    Pay attention to your appearance. A lot of women only focus on their looks and their clothes when they are going out. Do not let yourself be one of those women. You should try to look great for your husband. Men love beauty and therefore you can expect your husband to fall even more in love with you when he finds you look alluring and attractive. Wash your hair regularly, take a scented bath, wear a good perfume and put on a bit of make-up. Try to wear clothes that he loves to see you in. He must have surely dropped a hint about which clothes he finds you most attractive in.

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    When your husband returns from work, greet him at the door with a smile and a hug or kiss and take his briefcase from him. Ask him how his day was. Allow him to relax a little before asking him to go freshen up. While he is in the bathroom, set the table for dinner. Do not forget to have dinner prepared before he comes home.

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    If your husband is not in a very good mood, give him space. Do not become offended or react if he says something bitter to you. Understand that he must have had a tough day at work.

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    Take care of the kids. Being a good housewife also involves being a great mom. Make sure the kids are well taken care of. Make sure they follow the schedule that has been set for them. Allow them to spend a bit of time with their father after he comes home, though give them too much relaxation.

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    Do not try to change your husband. Love him for who and what he is instead of trying to mould him into whatever you consider a perfect husband.

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