Find Love by Knowing Where your Relationship Stands

To understand how to go; from where your relationship is currently, to where you want to go, you must know the phases of romantic relationship. If  you know where your relationship stands, you will be able to take the necessary steps to take it to the next level.

Normal romantic relationship has five parts:

1.    Law of attraction: before the relationship starts
2.    Honeymoon period:  First 1- 6 months
3.    Learning the ropes: 6 months to 12 months you are finally getting to know each other
4.    Maturing phase: one year to two years
5.    The final destination (marriage): two years and above


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    Law of attraction

    So let’s start with the Law of attraction phase.  This phase you are trying to possibly get into relationship and is normally easy to plan for.

    You are single and you are looking for someone special.  For some even the thought of being alone on feb 14 is so scary that “they will date anyone who says yes”.  You just don’t want to be alone when everyone else will be with someone.  You are part of the biggest group, which has no choice but to plan for your valentine early.  If you don’t, chances are high; you will be sitting in front of TV or will be reading Facebook newsfeed of others.  The bright side is, you will get to save the most money ☺. Before you can plan for what you will do on feb 14, where you will go and what kind of gift to purchase, you will have to find someone to be with first.

    You must use everything you got, to get lucky: your friends, co-workers, family, conscious mind and most importantly the sub-conscious mind.  They say the most powerful aspect of achieving the impossible is when your subconscious mind works along side you.

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    Honeymoon period:  First 1- 6 months

    You found someone.  The first six months of any relationship are normally the best. Your attention, time effort is spent towards being with someone. You are no longer alone and you are not spending any time looking for someone.  At this stage anything goes:

    You go to movies
    Try different place for dinners
    Introduction to friends on both sides
    You notice the adorable aspects of each others habits, looks,
    Main thing at this stage of the relationship is Physical
    You can’t get enough of kissing, hugging and ….

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