How to Be a Better Spouse

A lot of people are confused about what a good spouse is supposed to be like. Some people think that a good spouse is a good provider, while others believe that a good spouse is something who is extremely loving. There really is not perfect definition of a good spouse. Everyone has a different set of expectations from the person they marry.

There are a few things that every married person expects of their spouse. One of the most important things that you should always keep in mind while trying to be a better spouse is that never expect anything in return.


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    Be sure to give your spouse some time every day. It can be a bit difficult to take out time for your loved one due to the hectic routine. Everybody is busy nowadays, but that is no excuse for neglecting the person you love and married. If you cannot sit with them to talk and basically communicate in the evenings, do it over dinner. Make it a habit to eat dinner together. Spend an even greater amount of time with them on weekends. Take them out and have fun.

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    Show affection to your spouse. Admire the way they look and let them know that you find them irresistible. Give them a kiss before leaving for work and embrace them in a hug after you return home. When you two are at the movies or in the park, hold hands.

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    Help your spouse with the household chores. Cleaning the house, doing the utensils and laundry, taking out the garbage, and cooking are become really taxing if only person has to perform all these tasks. Do not wait for your spouse to collapse from exhaustion. Instead, volunteer to help them with the chores as often as possible.

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    Surprise your spouse with a gift every once in a while. Gifts are a great way to show that you care. You do not need to go for something really expensive, since it is the thought that really counts. However, be sure to buy something that your spouse wants, not you want.

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    Treat your in-laws with respect. In fact, treat them as your own family. Before you came into your spouse’s life, it was their family who meant everything for them. Respect these sentiments and share them. You will find your spouse reciprocating by treating your family the same way.

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    Set ground rules for dealing with arguments and stick to these rules. This will help you to successfully resolve arguments and deal with difference of opinions.

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    Always trust your spouse. Do not let the whisperers fill your mind with doubt. Love is based on trust and if you allow this trust to waver, the relation will become meaningless. If there is anything that bothers you or begins to fill you with doubt, immediately discuss it with your significant other.

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    Physically intimacy is a human requirement and another key to a healthy relationship. If you make it a routine to come back home from work, eat dinner and go to sleep immediately, you will find yourself both physically as well as emotionally disconnected from your spouse.

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    Remember important dates such as your spouse’s birthday, wedding anniversary, etc. Celebrate them to show your spouse how much you value these dates.

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    Share your spouse’s interests. This will allow you two to bond and have a good time.

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    Treat your spouse with respect. You have to remember and hold on to the belief that you and your spouse are together forever. Therefore, consider their self-respect and reputation as your own. Never criticise them in public. Be there for them when they need your support. Never doubt them and never leave them alone in any crises.

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    Be a source of comfort for your spouse. When they are down, be there to lift them up. When they are sad, be there to make them laugh again.

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