How to Fix a Relationship after Cheating and Lying

You cheated on your partner and now everything going towards the worst case scenario because she knows about your other affair. However, you are done with that other lousy partner and now you want to patch up but it is not going to be an easy ride. You have slept with someone else. It is a big deal and you have to understand that it feels extremely pathetic to know that your partner doesn’t believe that you can give her enough pleasure in the life so that you look out for other options. Your partner will be mad and pissed at you at an extent that they might curse you and hate you for the time being.


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    Clear your head and understand the situation. Make a decision about your future and know that you are sure about going back to the partner that you cheated on. You have to decide the degree of relationship as well. Your partner will not like to hear about let alone be romantic at all. So, know the difference that your cheating imposed on the relationship and abide by them.

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    Tell your partner that you are extremely sorry about your action and you had no intention to hurt him/her but it just happened in the spur of moment and you are extremely ashamed of your act. Speak your heart out and face the embarrassment before it is too late.

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    Tell your partner that you want to be with them and you will accept any punishment that they propose to wipe off the stupid act that caused so much trouble for both of you. You shouldn’t because that will make him/her uncomfortable so give them some room and time to regroup and think about this. You have nothing to lose situation so you better give it your best shot instead of ruining the opportunity that you have got.

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    Know their reaction and understand the extent of anger that resides in their heart for you. You will know by her/his reaction about the future. If they are clearly unwilling to patch up with you then you don’t need to stoop down further and beg for the relationship otherwise you can think of stepping your self-esteem a bit lower.

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    Make your partner feel special everyday by doing different things.

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