How To Develop Relationships in the Workplace

For most working men and women, office takes a major chunk of the day time and unlike at home, people at a workplace are not supposed to be caring and friendly. The important thing therefore is to take the initiative in this regard, and be the person everyone likes.  Being the cool guy in the office can make a lot of spark to your job and at the same time helps you to develop a better understanding with the co-workers. By doing that, you are bound to achieve more in your professional life as you will have all the support of your colleagues in whatever endeavour you undertake.


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    Be helpful and accessible

    People will always treat you as you treat them. This punch line becomes totally relevant in an office workspace. In most of the jobs, coordination and team work are extremely necessary, and the first step in developing strong working relationships at office is to be courteous and reasonable. There might be moments when some people will take you for granted, but that should not deter you from helping others and be available for them in dire situations. Helping out the new employees is also a good way of developing a good repute.

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    Do not be selfish

    One of easiest way to get leverage over your competing colleagues is to be selfish, and force your way to the top. That might help you in a particular situation, but will come back to haunt you in the longer run. Moving around in a particular profession counts a lot on your personal relationships, and once a person is known to be selfish, he/she won’t be able to achieve much.

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    Be the go to guy

    In life, little things matter a lot and go a long way in strengthening your relationships. When talking about office, these things come in the form of birthdays, get-togethers and outdoor activities. To develop a good bond with people in the office, you should be the one to take on these minor responsibilities. People should be able to look up to you.

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    Know your limits

    Light banter and gossiping is a part of every office environment. It adds to the fun of it. However, while your are at it, be very sure that no one gets hurt by your words and actions, for it can be the biggest spoiler in your bid to develop good relationship with the people around you.

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