10 Reasons Why Boy and Girl Cannot be just Friends

Men and women play an equally important role in building human societies. Both genders have certain responsibilities which they need to fulfil in order to maintain the correct balance in both their individual and collective lives. This means that they inevitably need to work together on many levels.

In the modern world, boys and girls study together in educational institutes and work together in organisations, competing with each other for grades and career opportunities; as a result, many boys and girls become friends and share a strong bond with each other. However, in most cases, the friendship between a boy and a girl fails to pass the test of time – why a boy and a girl cannot be just friends remains a mystery for many, but there are several logical reasons behind it.


  • 1

    Trust deficit

    It is extremely difficult for a girl to trust a boy in friendship, and the same goes for boys - there are certain things a girl would never trust a boy with, and vice versa. This is one of the major reasons why they cannot be just friends.

  • 2


    In some cases, a boy and a girl are able to keep a smooth friendship going; however, society and the people around them fail to consider them as just friends. The pressure imposed by society, and the gossip and judgment of people often leads to the breaking of a true friendship.

  • 3

    Spending time with each other

    Spending time with each other can be quite difficult for members of the opposite gender, which is another reason why they cannot remain just friends. Comparatively, it is easier for a boy to spend time with a boy, and for a girl to be with a girl more often.

  • 4

    Lack of self-control

    In order to remain just friends, a boy and a girl must possess a good deal of self-control, and avoid any feelings of attraction towards each other, which might turn the friendship into a romance. Romance can only be kept away if a boy and a girl have great understanding.

  • 5

    If your friend is beautiful or handsome

    It becomes increasingly difficult for a boy to remain just friends with a girl if she is extremely beautiful; the same goes for the girl if the boy is handsome.

  • 6

    If you are emotionally weak

    To maintain a healthy friendship, and keep it at that point without allowing it to progress further, you must be very strong emotionally - if you are inclined to be emotionally weak, you are likely to end up transforming the friendship into a romance.

  • 7

    Your friends

    Sometimes your friends can become a hurdle in allowing you to remain just friends with a girl or a boy.

  • 8

    Getting intimate

    If a boy and a girl remain in contact with each other regularly, chances are high that they will become physical at some stage. This is one of the major reasons why a boy and a girl cannot be just friends.

  • 9


    Setting great expectations from a friendship can often lead to a downfall, disappointment, and the eventual breaking up of the friendship.

  • 10

    A friendship based on conditions

    If a friendship between a boy and a girl is based on any number of conditions, it is not likely to last for long.

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