How to Deal With an Awkward Roommate

Whether you are living in a college dorm for the first time or the fifth, dealing with an awkward roommate can be quite a handful. This person is someone who will make you feel extremely uncomfortable in his presence and keep you on your toes at all times. Not being able to relax in your room after a tough day at college is the last thing you need, which is why it is really important to learn to deal with an awkward roommate. Once you start making an effort to adjust to your roommate, your college years will become far more enjoyable.


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    Keep your mind open and try to look through the awkwardness of your roommate. Just because you are unable to understand why your roommate does or says something is hardly a good enough reason to register them as awkward in your mind. Rather than judging the book by its cover, go through the pages and put in an effort to understand the content.

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    Try to keep a very positive attitude towards your awkward roommate. If your roommate says or does something that makes the warning bells ring for you, do not let your expressions or body language depict your anxiety. Instead, force yourself to remain optimistic.

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    It is really important to set up some ground rules and boundaries while you two are sharing a room. These rules and boundaries will be in place to ensure that the chances of bickering and fights are kept really low. Even if a fight does break out between you and your roommate, try to get hold of your nerves and resolve the issue by talking it out in a civilised manner.

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    Make an effort to know your roommate a bit more. Ask them what they like or dislike, the subjects they are studying, the career path they are pursuing, the schedule of their classes, etc. Share a little bit of yourself with them as well. While talking to your roommate about them, do not become carried away and end up asking something really personal.

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    Remember, friendship does not develop overnight. Since you will be living with the roommate and seeing them every day, you will get plenty of opportunities to break the ice and become friends with them. Remain patient and continue to do the things mentioned in the previous steps.

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