How to Plan a Road Trip with Friends

Planning a road trip with friends is great fun. However, if you are looking forward to go on a long trip with your friends, you have to make a solid plan for it, which will include all the things you have to arrange including travelling, eating and accomodation.

Let us give you a few tips on how you can plan a memorable trip with your buddies.


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    First of all, you have to float the idea of going on a trip. Just contact with your friends and gather them at one place to tell them about your plan. Some of your friends may resist to your plan. Therefore, you have to be persuasive enough to bring them in. But if they still resist, just don’t push and leave them out.

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    After telling your plan to all your friends who are willing to go on the road trip, start assigning the tasks. For instance, who will bring the car, who will drive, who will keep the map for the directions and who will make hotel reservations.

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    Then, you have to make your budget which is one of the most important things to do while planning a road trip. It is better to divide all the costs equally in order to avoid any kind of injustice, but if anyone can’t afford to pay equal amount of money, you can adjust it with others.

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    After making the budget, you have to decide who will bring what on the trip. For instance, if you are three friends, one can bring cooler, pillows and car maintenance kit, other can bring CDs or an MP3 music player and the third one can bring first-aid kit or any other thing which is needed for the trip.

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    If you are going to a place where you have never been before, you should go through the map in order to make yourself aware of the directions. Going through the map will also help you to make your trip more fuel-efficient and you will be able to save a fair amount of money.

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