How to Be One Woman’s Dream Husband

Most of the times, the focus is on a woman and what she can do to take really good care of her husband and basically be a man’s dream wife. There is hardly any talk about a man and what he can or probably should do to make his wife feel like the luckiest woman in the world. A marriage in which both the wife and husband make an effort to become a dream spouse is indeed the strongest and has the greatest probability of lasting for as long as the two live.

If you are a husband who truly loves his wife, then start being a dream husband right away.


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    Cleaning the house is normally thought of as a chore that a woman is supposed to do. To be a dream husband, take this responsibility upon yourself. Men are used to creating a mess, since they know that the wife will clean it up. Stop being one of those men. When you come home from work, do not just take off your shirt and throw it on the bed. It is not too hard to throw it in the laundry basket. Put your shoes neatly in the shelf. After you are done eating, pick up the utensils and put them in the kitchen sink. Do the utensils while you are there. Do not create any unnecessary mess and remember to clean it up even if you do.

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    Some of the greatest chefs in this world are men. Therefore, you should feel no shame in learning to cook. Do not just stop at learning to cook. Go ahead and cook for your wife, especially if she is a working woman. She would love to have breakfast and dinner served to her instead of worrying about serving it to you.

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    Look after the kids. Make sure they have a schedule and they strictly follow that schedule. Allow them to play in their play time, but get them to do their homework in study time. Do not let them spend too much in front of the TV screen. Make sure they go to bed on time. Spend time with them, hearing their stories and guiding them when they look like they can use some.

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    Pay attention to your looks. Take really good care of your hygiene. Shower on daily basis and wash your hair as well. Shave regularly. Try to wear a good cologne or deodorant at all times. Wear clean clothes. If you are not in good shape, join a gym.

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    Be affectionate towards your wife. Give her a hug and kiss every now and then. Show her that you love her and want her. Make her feel beautiful and desirable.

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    Support your wife in everything. It is said that behind every successful man, there is a woman. Make the opposite true in your case. Give your wife the confidence to make decisions and respect these decisions.

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