How To Be Celibate in a Relationship

Sex is an important part of life. It becomes even more important when you are married. Without sex, life is like a ship without a sailor. Most couples cringe at the idea of celibacy in married life which is pretty understandable considering the fact that without sex, a relationship looks dry, dull and boring. Many doctors have said that the idea of making love is to free couples from the daily and hectic routines of life.

Celibacy means to abstain from sex which means that the couple chooses to let go of sex for a particular time period. In some cultures, celibacy is considered as a spiritual move and a move that is designed to appreciate other things in life. Although many people would feel differently about it, celibacy can improve other things in a relationship.


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    If you do not honestly believe in your ability to go without sex for a long time, then please don’t take such a serious vow as celibacy is going to work only if you are able to believe in yourself. If you given in to the temptation after just a few weeks or so, it will not go down well with the idea of celibacy.

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    If you really want to try celibacy, it is better to s tart with a small period. For instance, try refraining from sex for at least one week and after one week, if you feel that you can calm down you testosterones, make add a few more days to the week. Starting small is much better than going for a period that could add up to your frustration.

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    Make sure that once you take a stance on celibacy, try to make effective use of it. it would be great if you tried exploring other aspects of your relationship during this time. Try new things or just spend time getting to know each other.

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    Just because you are not going to have sex with your partner, does not mean that you are supposed to abstain from all kinds of physical contact. Kiss, hug, hold hands and even cuddle in that time period as long as these things do not lead to you ending your period of celibacy on a short notice. Affection rather than orgasm!

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    The decision to celibate should not be taken by one person. This has to be a mutual decision and if it is one-sided, it can be very detrimental to a relationship.

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