How to Be the Perfect Man

Its every man’s dream to be the perfect man and every woman out there is looking for that one guy, who can make her feel like the queen of the world. However, one cannot expect to be a perfect man like that as it is one of the hardest things to do. You can do tons of stuff just to become a better man but one single mistake can pour cold water on all your efforts in no time. The question is how one can become the perfect man? Here are some simple guidelines for you to achieve that feat.


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    Be the man girls want their prince charming to be. Do not be a self involved person and give your full attention to her. Talk about her issues and respect her without any discrimination. Do not call her sexy but call her beautiful. Do not say that she is hot, say that she is the prettiest girls in the world because let’s face it, words do matter.

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    No matter how successful you are in your life, you cannot expect to be a perfect man on the basis of your accomplishments in this world. Because when it comes to women, things work differently. First, be yourself and do not lose your identity in an attempt to become the perfect man. Yes, you can follow your role model but you have to keep your integrity no matter what.

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    You have to treat women with manners. No girl likes a guy who lacks decent manners. No matter what, you have to treat women with respect. But at the same time, you have to be fun and spontaneous. Men, who do not enjoy their lives, become boring and you cannot expect to be perfect with a boring nature.

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    Most men are not romantic as they prefer to keep thing simple but if you want to become the perfect man for the girl of your dreams, you have to add this attribute to your nature. Being romantic doesn’t mean that you start spending your money and buy her expensive gifts. Even a simple I love you can show the softer side of you and not many men know how important these words can be for a girl.

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    You have to be very protective of your girl friend or wife but it doesn’t mean that you become over possessive. Be down to earth and keep things simple and most importantly, tell her how you feel. Don’t let your feeling stay inside you and speak your heart out.

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