How to Encourage Your Toddler to Talk

Witnessing your child making an effort to speak for the first time can be one of the most fascinating feelings for any human. Children have the ability to communicate their message, especially to their parents, even before they can physically utter words from their mouths. Most of the kids start to talk whenever they are ready, according to their abilities, which vary from child to child, but there are certain techniques through which you can encourage your toddler to talk. However, you should not deliberately attempt to rush the process and let it be as natural as possible.


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    Talk to your child consistently

    Instead of communicating with your toddler through sign language all the time, you should try to talking to the baby often. By having a prolonged conversation with him/her, you can enhance your toddler’s vocabulary and communication skills. While talking to your child, you should wait for a response and see how he/she reacts to your words. Enjoy this conversation with the baby and make him/her smile often.

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    Explain what you are doing

    For an adult, the daily routine is often taken for granted. However, this is not the case with toddlers as they are learning about the world. So you should narrate their daily activities regularly. This is very easy and you just have to explain what you are doing in words.

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    Read story books to your child

    One of the most useful ways of encouraging your toddler to speak and develop his/her interest is to read a story book to him/her. Choosing the right books is also very important as children get attracted towards bright pictures, especially those of animals.

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    Make your child ask

    Being a parent, you would get to know what your child is asking for when he/she is pointing towards something. However, it is better that you make the toddler ask through words what he/she wants. This teaser can really motivate the baby to speak.

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    Help the baby pronounce different words

    By holding certain things in your hand and pronouncing their names in front of your baby can really help him/her learn to speak. Pronounce words slowly when talking to the toddler, otherwise, he/she may not completely comprehend what you are saying.

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