How to Make Your Parents Angry

Children mean everything for their parents, and it is not easy to make your parents angry without emotionally hurting them. Getting your parents angry should not be something that you look to do for fun, or without a justifiable cause, because they work extremely hard for you to have a better life than they did when they were your age.

It is not recommended in any case that you intentionally try to get your parents angry, but when there is a justified reason (e.g. if a child wants attention or wishes to divert their attention from bigger problems), there are a few things you can do in order to get the desired results pretty quickly.


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    Do drugs

    Doing drugs in front of your parents is a sure-fire way to get them angry at you. Something like smoking a cigarette in front of them, especially in the house and if they are not smokers themselves, will get them really angry in no time. It is a good way of getting the desired results almost immediately, if that is what you want; however, make sure you do not make smoking a habit because it certainly is a dangerous one, and can lead to severe health complications.

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    Stop listening

    When your parents want you to perform a specific task like running some errands, not doing what they tell you to do is another guaranteed way to make them flare up. It is not exactly a good thing to get your parents blood boiling, but if making them angry is what you want, this is a good way to go about it.

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    Fight with siblings

    One thing that parents cannot hesitate to interfere in is when you fight with your siblings. For parents, all of their children are the same and they love them all equally;  however, if you fight with your brother or sister, this will definitely spark their anger. However, while this will get your parents angry, it may also dent your relationship with your siblings, so be very careful who you pick a fight with.

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    School is a place where parents always want you to remain disciplined and well-behaved. Getting into a fight at school or misbehaving with teachers and students is sure to get your parents a phone call from the school principal. When you get home, be ready to face your angry parents, who are sure to sit you down for a long, hard talk. Skipping school is also a good way to get your parents angry at you.

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