Fixing a bad first impression – Do it the right way with these steps

So you met someone for the first time and you left a pretty bad impression? Don’t panic as it will not help you at all, you just need some guidance on how you change that impression from a bad one to a good one.

Try to remember the last time someone left a bad impression on you, it will probably be pretty hard because people are there own biggest critics… you may have overthought the situation more than what it actually was and more than the person remembers… For example the conversation you had with your friend yesterday what do you remember? Certain keywords, topic areas that were touched upon but exact words… probably not.

Without further ado – read the steps and let’ correct that first impression you made and turn it into something a lot more positive so you can sleep at night and clear your mind:


  • 1

    Explain yourself to the person

    Tell them how you weren’t being yourself straight forwardly, yes they might think you’re overthinking what previously happened but if you truly believe you did leave a bad impression instead of faking it and beating around the bush. Be straight forward “hey I was not acting myself on Tuesday and I’m sorry for that if we can start again that would be great”

  • 2

    Don’t look too desperate

    When trying to make up for the bad impression that was left, don’t go scraping your legs across the ground… that is not a sign of good character instead you must be more in the middle – of course try a little harder but don’t over work yourself… let it come out naturally.

  • 3

    Be relaxed when speaking to the person

    You need to remain calm, that is the only way you can be yourself and let things flow naturally rather than forcing it out of yourself.

  • 4

    Still no improvement?

    Okay, so you tried and still there is no improvement, go ahead and read step one again – give them reasoning to your first impression being poor and why it has continued.

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