How to Stitch A Half Double Crochet

In the art of stitching, half double crochet is an unusual type of needlework which horizontally falls between a single loop of thread and ties double crochet vertically. Usually, the number of loops is just two but you take the thread through three in a half double crochet.

Though, it is a bit difficult stitching technique as compared to regular style but the outcome is quite amazing. A half double crochet stitch makes the fabric tight and there is no danger of knots losing their hold.

Things Required:

– Crochet Hook
– 4-ply yarn
– Scissors
– Tapestry Needle


  • 1

    Create the foundation chain:

    First of all, you will have to make the foundation. These base lines will be working as the net for your thread. Usually, there are 10 chains in the foundation but you can adjust their number according to your requirements.

  • 2

    Let the needle work:

    Now, when you have created the foundation for the crochet, you should enfold the thread over your hook and get through the second base line. Next you will take your hook and insert through the upper chain. In this way, you will have 3 loops at the same time.

  • 3

    Complete your first half double crochet:

    Till now, you have been following standard procedure of double crochet but your next step will make a distinction and your stitch will become a half double crochet type. To do this, wrap the thread around your needle and take it through the all three loops. Keep repeating the exercise till the end of the net and your first row will be completed.

  • 4

    Do the chain 2 turn:

    This technique is to make the second row. You will have to be super cautious while doing the chain 2 turn as even a simple mistake will weaken your net. The technique is the same but this time you will get your hook through different chains. To simplify the procedure, keep in mind that you are required to tie the lower chains of the foundation. For example, if you have completed the first three rows then leave this first double half set and repeat the preceding from the fourth row. Make sure that you have 16 half double stitches in the second row.

  • 5

    Continue till the last row:

    After completing two rows of half double stitches, you will be in a flow and there will be no trouble in doing the needle work till the last row. However, make sure that you are keeping a record of the half double stitches as the accuracy depends on the exact number.

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