How to Know When to End a Friendship

There are situations in life when, for whatever reason, you need to end a particular relationship. To deal with such situations is inevitably difficult, as they require you to break up an intimate relationship with the person from whom you expected much more.

In order to avoid doubts and regret later on, you need to know for certain whether the friendship cannot be saved and needs to end. You can know when to end a friendship if you carefully observe certain signs.

In this case, you have to determine the right time, as well as when and how you can do it. Psychologists suggest simple techniques that can facilitate you in the process as you go through this difficult phase in life.


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    First of all, analyze the situation between your friend and yourself. If the separation seems inevitable, decisively end the relationship. Try your best to let go of any sentiments or memories attached to that person.

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    Start writing a diary of your relationship. Write everyday events and describe your thoughts and feelings about your friendship. Re-reading it after a couple of weeks, you will be able to note the difference, if there is any. The diary will guide you in identifying behavioral patterns and emotional responses to recurring situations, and show you if the relationship is in fact deteriorating and nearing its end.

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    It is best to end the relationship when both of you start fighting over things without any logical reason. Try to gradually decrease the amount of time you spend with him/her, before completely ending the relationship.

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    Try to spend time with another friend. Check out how he/she treats you on a daily basis, in comparison to the other friend. Check out his/her behavior and how he/she talks to you. If that person is giving you better treatment as compared to the other friend, it’s time to move on and end the friendship.

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    If you find your friend guilty of lying to you, it is highly recommended that you end the relationship as soon as possible.

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    Respect is another element that needs to be considered before ending any relationship. If you observe that your friend has started to disrespect you, it is time to find a new friend. Raise your self-esteem and learn how to live without his/her affection.

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    It’s definitely time to part company when both of you are not ready to find solutions to the problems between the two of you.

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