How to Deal With Drama among Friends

Drama is often the cause of fights between rivals and friends alike. You can end up in an unwanted situation due to something that wasn’t your fault. In order to deal with such kind of situations you need to maintain your cool and stay positive at all times, as this is the best way to counter such situations.


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    Don’t try to take sides if you’re friends have an issue between them. Instead try to resolve it by explaining to both of them that how much caring the other person has been to them. Present each other to themselves in a nice way and tell them that it’s their loss if they don’t patch up regardless of the issue between them. Moreover, also let them know that this might be a planned scenario who just wants the two of them to separate for their own benefit. Ensure that they value and respect each other and would try to resolve problems instead of causing more drama.

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    If you’re around a former friend with whom you had a bad ending in terms of relationship, don’t feel bothered about facing them. The more you try to avoid them, the more they’ll feel that you’re afraid of confronting them. Instead, if you meet a former friend, greet them nicely and make it look like that despite all the issues you had with them you don’t hold a grudge.

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    In case of dealing with people whom you’re not on good terms with you’ll need to use a slightly different approach. Don’t respond to their taunts or the rumours that they spread about. Instead act like you don’t care what they say because their words or presence is not at all important to you. They want to confront you and let their frustration out on you. But if you do all of the mentioned activities, you’ll end up depriving them of something that they most desire; drama.

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    Never talk badly behind anyone’s back no matter what. It might feel entertaining at that time or even appear to be the truth, but sharing your sentiments or thoughts negatively about a person might get you into trouble. Your statements about that particular person might get to them someday and that would be the root to every sort of problem.

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    Don’t ever let your guard down whenever you’re around with people who might want to get you emotional or are up for some drama. Play it cool. Maintain an indifferent attitude if you want their plan to fail in getting you hyped up about some issue that’s not even your problem.

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