How to Avoid People You Don’t Want to Talk To

Life would be so much better and convenient if we had a ‘remove’ button for people in our life. Many times we do not like specific people for so many personal, professional and general reasons. Whatever the reason is and whosoever the person is, the very best possible solution to deal with them is to avoid those people you do not want to talk to. You will be at peace as they become annoying at certain point of life and dealing with them becomes none other than a headache.

You do not need to scream at someone whom you do not want to talk to; neither do you have to start fighting with them. You have some options available to avoid them with some tactics. This simple article will provide you with the best possible ways to avoid those people for good!


  • 1

    Keep Safe Distance!

    The first rule to avoid someone is keeping a safe distance. Think about those places where that specific person is most likely to be. Where does he or she live or hang out? What areas is he or she most likely to be in? The more information you will have about his or her activities, the better you can stay away from them.

  • 2

    Do not make eye contact

    Try not to make eye contact with the people you do not want to talk to. Looking at them and making eye contact might attract them towards you.

  • 3

    Turn your back on him or her

    You can't be sweet to those people whom you do not like and do not want to talk to. Therefore, be bold enough to turn your back on them to get the desired results.

  • 4

    A cell phone trick

    When you hate someone, don’t even want to talk to him or her, you can get some help from your cell phone to avoid talking to them. All you have to do is, set off the ringtone of your phone, and act as if you are on the phone with someone.

    Note: Make sure to switch your phone to silent mode while pretending as the ringtone of an incoming call can ruin your plan!

  • 5

    Start playing with your computer or laptop

    When you find that specific person is coming to you, then simply turn on your computer or laptop and pretend to be extremely busy in some sort of project or research. Even then if he or she tries to talk to you, provide them with the simple answer “I am very busy right now. If you don’t mind, leave me alone so I can concentrate.”

  • 6

    Do not pick their phone calls

    Make sure not to pick their phone calls at any cost.  It may be possible that they can call you from unknown number, so be silent once you pick the call and hear the voice of the other person. If it is the voice of the same person you do not want to talk to, simply disconnect the call.

  • 7

    Make a disinterested face

    If the person you don't want to talk to is walking towards you, make a face which shows you aren't interested to chat up or start a conversation. This will be an obvious hint to the person to back away. Even if he still approaches you, keep your answers short, nonchalant and brief.

  • 8

    Pretend to be frustrated

    Pretending to be frustrated is a simple idea to let the specific person know that you do not want them around. Adopt an arrogant attitude by tapping your foot edgily, gaze dreamily into the sky, and take deafening breaths. In case he or she asks the reason of your frustration, say, "I am sorry, I am really disturbed at the moment", "Can I talk to you later please" No doubt it’s a bit rude, but you really have to do it if you really want to avoid someone, as annoying and irritating people do not understand subtle hints.

  • 9

    Hang out with people that they don’t like

    Try to be close to those people that they do not like and try to hang out with them right in front of your target person. They will definitely feel awkward and will avoid you in return. Isn’t it a simple technique to get rid of those people that you do not want to talk to?

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