Top 10 Reasons to Stay Married

Marriage is meant to be a long-term commitment between two people to stand by each other’s side through thick and thin, but a steady rise in divorce rates across the globe is an indication that people are not giving enough importance and value to the sacred bonds of matrimony.

While the reasons for divorce are often highlighted in discussion across different platforms, the discussions about the beauty of marriage and reasons to stay married are rare.

Marriage may not be a walk in the park, but there are still plenty of reasons to hold on to the life-long commitment and make it work.


  • 1

    Shared history

    The value of history lies in the fact that it made you into the person that you are today. The same is true for your spouse. Since both of you have spent together and consequently experienced the same ups and downs, you two have a bond that you can never form with another person. Therefore, it is best to keep your bonds intact.

  • 2

    The good versus the bad

    To hold high expectations from a married life and then watching these expectations come crashing down is nobody else’s fault but your own. You need to understand that there will be some good things and some bad things. You just need to look at whether the good things outweigh the bad things. If they don’t, make an effort to tip the balance in favour of the former.

  • 3

    For the children

    Since you and your spouse brought your children into this world, the responsibility of giving them a complete family falls on your shoulders. Even if you two have differences, you need to make compromises for their sake.

  • 4

    Familiar with flaws

    Your spouse may not be perfect, but at least you are no stranger to their flaws. You need to understand that every person has flaws in them. Living with your spouse would definitely be easier as compared to living with another person, as you have become familiar with their flaws and therefore know what to expect.

  • 5

    Challenge leads to satisfaction

    Some of the greatest pleasures in life come from overcoming great challenges. Making a marriage work is indeed a challenge, but if you can somehow manage to accomplish it, the satisfaction you receive will be well worth the effort.

  • 6

    Strength lies in differences

    Even though it was the similarities between you and your spouse that brought you together in the first place, it is your differences and the way you overcome them that make you stronger as a couple.

  • 7


    Love is one of the biggest reasons for you to stay married. Just because you are not feeling loved at a particular moment does not mean that the love has faded for good. Think of it as a verb instead of just a feeling; it is likely to return even after staying absent for a little while.

  • 8

    Years of effort

    You and your spouse have probably gone through a lot of ups and downs to build the foundation of marriage, making it strong enough to support your family for years. Unless you want to see your years of effort go to waste, you would surely want to see your marriage continue.

  • 9


    You and your spouse have spent years becoming familiar with each other, discovering each other’s strengths and weaknesses. A lot of these things may be something that nobody else in the world would ever get to know. This intimacy is what makes it worth staying married.

  • 10

    Commitment can overcome anything

    Commitment, when coupled with love, can allow a married couple to overcome anything.

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