How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship

Millions of people, both women and men, around the globe are in an abusive relationship, experiencing physical or emotional pain at the hands of their partner.

Despite the circumstances, people are often reluctant to do something about it because they feel vulnerable and scared. Giving in to the fear, however, has never worked for anyone.

If you are in an abusive relationship, then you need to get out of it immediately before things really get out of hand and you find yourself in a situation where nobody can help you out.


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    The first step to get out of an abusive relationship is to become aware of the fact that your relationship is bad and it is imperative for you to get out of it. Unless you come to terms with this reality, your resolve will not be strong enough to give you the necessary courage and confidence, for doing something about your current circumstances.

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    Understand that abusive relationship can involve physical abuse such as beating; emotional abuse such as insults, blackmailing, humiliating; verbal abuse or a combination.

    While emotional abuse is something which is common in relationships, it can become a serious problem if it becomes too frequent. Physical abuse, on the other hand, is a problem from the start.

    Even though you may find yourself sticking to your partner's side because you love him/her, you should understand that they have stopped caring about you once they start beating you up regularly and with a lot of force. Do not think that the nature of your abusive partner would change if you give them time.

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    Your confidence and self-esteem may have dropped to an all-time low after suffering physical and emotional abuse at the hands of your partner. Therefore, you need to sit down and tell yourself with strong conviction that you are not responsible for the relationship becoming abusive.

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    After you have come to terms with the reality of your situation and relationship, start assessing your situation.

    Does your partner have anything against you that they can use to harm or blackmail you later?

    Do you have any children to think about?

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    Once you have accessed your situation, start making plans to get out of the relationship. Consider it as an escape plan and therefore make sure that you thoroughly plan everything out. Decide when you should walk out of the relationship, how much money would you require,where you will arrange it from, where you would head to, etc. If you have children, decide whether you want to take them along with you or not.

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    After the plan has been chalked out, make the necessary arrangements, which involve arranging the money, contacting the person to whom's house you would be going to, booking tickets if your escape plan involves a flight, etc.

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    Leave the house and stick to the plan. If some complication arises, improvise according to the situation to ensure that things keep moving smoothly. Do not take your partner’s call as that would only intimidate you further.

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    Once you have successfully gotten out of the abusive relationship, surround yourself with people who love and respect you. This would help you to regain your confidence and self-esteem. It will also help you to deal with the trauma that you may have suffered while trapped in an abusive relationship.

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