How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Spouse

Marriage is only the beginning of a long and beautiful journey. However, this journey becomes tough at times, especially when the married couple find themselves disconnected, both physically and emotionally.

Irrespective of how old the marriage is, do not make the mistake of taking it for granted. If the love and passion begins to appear weaker than become, start making an effort to rekindle it and improve the relationship. Of course it requires a mutual effort, but if you take an initiative, there is a strong chance that your spouse will reciprocate.


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    Find a peaceful place to sit and think about where your relationship with your spouse is heading. Ask yourself if you still love them and if they still matter to you the way they used to years ago. The answer to such questions will help to rekindle your feelings for them and make you more determined to start improve yourself relationship with them.

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    Start communicating with your spouse. The lack of communication is one of the biggest culprits in creating a distance between married couples even though they live, eat and sleep together. Talk to your spouse like a friend. Show your willingness to listen. Talking and listening will serve to bring you two together.

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    Looks play a huge role in keeping a couple interested in each other. Fine you two got married because you were in love and found each other simply irresistible. Just because a few years have gone by since you two said your vows, there is no reason for you to stop taking care of your looks. You should not expect your spouse to show interest in you if you do not make yourself attractive enough.

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    Show affection to your spouse. Embracing them in a hug and whispering “I love you” is a free and extremely impact gesture. It will not be long before they start returning the favour. Hold their hand while sitting in the lounge watching a show together, or cuddle with them in bed.

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    If there is a problem that is keeping you and your spouse emotionally apart, address the issue with the intention of resolving it.

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    Never bad-mouth your spouse in front of the children, as that would cause your children to develop a negative image of your relationship. Try to always talk good about your spouse and while the children are around. Even if you and your spouse are engaged in a cold war, keep it confined to the bedroom.

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