How to Stop Being Jealous Of Your Friends

Getting jealous of the people around you is quite natural because all of us have become so demanding these days that we find it hard to see others having things which we do not possess. This can be a terrible feeling which leads to depression and stress. Jealousy increases gradually with the passage of time and it is extremely important for you to understand its symptoms and kill them at an initial stage; otherwise, you would end up losing a precious friend.

Getting rid of your tendency to feel jealous of your friends is not very easy; however, you have no choice but to perceive the situation with a positive frame of mind in order to lead a healthy life.


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    Have faith

    You must have a strong connection with your creator. If you have faith in God, you will understand that every person has his own destiny, which is written by none other than God. Everything that happens in this universe is the will of God. Some of us are extremely blessed but there are many who are less fortunate and this must be accepted by all of us with a big heart. You should pray regularly to prevent the feeling of jealousy from creeping into your system.

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    Think about things you have

    If you ever realise that you are starting to get jealous of your friends, you need to spend some time with your own self in isolation. Just because your friends possess certain things which you do not own does not mean that their lives are better than yours. By analysing things deeply, you will definitely realise that you have a number of belongings which your friends do not have. Therefore, it is always important to look at the bigger picture, instead of making your life miserable by being jealous.

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    Celebrate the success of your friends

    If your friends have achieved something, you should take the initiative and throw a party in their honour. This will not only strengthen your relationship with your buddies, but also stop you from getting jealous of your friends.

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    Be an optimist

    If you are struggling in life, you should still be positive because nobody knows when life may change. You may soon the break you have been waiting for.

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