How to Choose Who You Love

Most people out there would say that you cannot choose who to love because it is not something that you can control. But this is entirely not true. Call love stupid, crazy, uncontrollable or madness, it is still very much controllable and it is not a mystical phenomena, which a human cannot control. Yes, it is true that the common assumption in our society about love is not like this and the common belief is that love is uncontrollable and it can happen anytime to anyone. However, love can be controlled and you can control and choose who to love.


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    One can very much control and choose who to love and how to love. As a matter of fact it is not a question of who, rather it is a question of how. Choosing someone is easy but loving someone is a very tough job especially when love is involved. The most confusing thing that we often face is that how to be sure that the person you have fallen for is the right one for you. How can you differentiate between, love, lust, crush, mere affection or infatuation? How can you be so sure that you are ready to fall in love with someone without thinking about the consequences and the future?

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    In order to become a master of your own self and if you really want to make all your decision using your head when it comes to love, you need to understand what is love in real. It is not a child’s play and it is not something that you can take for granted. It’s a give and take process and you need to be very mature about your decisions.

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    How to choose who to love is arguably the toughest task in love but it is not out of question either. Yes, you can choose who to love but for that, you need to learn when to love. Love at first sight is nothing but self-made enigma advertised my movies and stories and love is not a fairytale either. Just like you can control your decisions regarding your other aspects of life, similarly you can control your decision regarding love. You can choose how and who to love and when to love.

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    You need to realise that it’s your life and you need to be the one in charge. Clear your head, relax your mind and think many times before making a decision about who to love.

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