How to Make Favors for a Family Reunion

Family reunions are great events in which all family members recall great times they spent together. They recall old times and strengthen their bonds with each other. Besides this, you meet with your extended family members whom you haven’t met before or for a long time. However, when you plan a family reunion, you need to consider giving favors. It is strongly recommended to give something to all the guests so they can remember and cherish the old times. This will also enhance family traditions and identity.

Things Required:

– Photos
– Family history
– Computer
– CDs
– Copy machine or business
– Family tree information
– Printer
– Iron-on transfer paper
– White t-shirts
– Iron
– Saplings
– Family tree
– Heavy duty card stock
– Ribbon


  • 1

    Making of Family Memory Books

    In order to make family memory books, you need to gather all present and past family photos. You should give all family members a call or send them emails or letters for requesting their family photos. Later you need to use a computer to gather and organize all these photos in a booklet form.

  • 2

    Arrange according to decades

    Next you need to separate photos according to decades. It is advisable to write captions on the ancestor photographs you have added. You also need to write the date and place of birth and death.

  • 3

    Create the family tree

    Now you need to make the family tree by using online tools. Get a family tree software or simple visit some websites which make family trees. Include it in the family reunion favor booklet.

  • 4


    After creating the booklet, you need to print it. Visit your local printing shop and make booklets. You should make some extras for those families who cannot make it to the reunion. Extra booklets should also be made for family members who want to buy it for future generations.

  • 5

    Make family tree T-shirts

    You need to make a family tree using software or simply by drawing. Next you need to scan the image on the computer and get white t-shirts of all sizes. Then get a transfer iron-on paper to print the tree on the t-shirt. In the end you need to iron the transfers on every t-shirt and give it to every family member.

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