How to Plan a Family Reunion

The hustle bustle of today’s life has made everybody so busy that it is impossible to see the dear ones quite often. People have a materialistic approach and they do not remember that “a short absence quickens love but the long one kills it.”

In such situations, planning a family reunion can really help you in reviving the old bonds and making new ones. You can give your loved ones an impression that they still have some significance in your life. However, you will have to keep couple of important things in mind to plan a memorable family reunion.

Things Required:

– Cameras
– Outdoor games
– Invitation Cards
– Address Book
– Food


  • 1

    Plan your budget:

    First and the foremost thing you should do is to determine how much you can spend on this event. It is necessary as you will be able to decide the scale of this family reunion.

    Knowing your budget will help you in deciding the number of guests, fun activities and the food. You may ask your family members to share as this will lessen the financial burden and increase the fun in this event.

  • 2

    Make a list of guests:

    Next thing you will do is to make a list of all the relatives. This list will ensure that you are not missing any important person. Moreover, you will have an idea about the number of guests and you will be able to make proper arrangements.

  • 3

    Select an appropriate date:

    When you have a complete list of expected guests, pick up your phone and start making calls. To ensure the maximum attendance, you should pick a date that is suitable for everyone. If everyone is giving you a different date then try to find some middle ground and lock a weekend.

  • 4

    Pick a location:

    While planning a family reunion, you should give extra importance to the location as this can make or break your function. Make sure that it is easily accessible and entertaining for everyone. You can make reservations in hotels, resorts or country clubs but it is possible only if your pocket allows you. Having an outdoor venue is the best option as it can save you from many troubles.

  • 5

    Plan fun activities:

    Family reunion is not all about sitting with your loved ones and just talk. You should make this event memorable by planning some fun activities. This will keep all the guests engaged and entertained.

  • 6

    Decide the menu:

    It is better to plan a menu that has something interesting and yummy for every guest, old or young.

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