How to Help a Friend Who Has Lost a Loved One

If your friend has lost a loved one, then it is your responsibility to help them cope with the tragic loss. You may not be able to do anything to lessen the intensity of their pain, but you still need to be around them, offering them comfort in any way possible. Your supportive gestures and words of consolation may assist them in getting back on their feet after coming to terms with the loss that they have suffered. Helping a friend through their grief may require you to show a great deal of patience and commitment. You must be willing to do this if you truly care about them.

Things Required:

– Cell-phone


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    Let your friend know that you are aware of their suffering by acknowledging their loss and offering them your sympathies. It is natural to feel uncomfortable while talking to someone about their loss, but you should not let it stop you from expressing your condolences and assuring them you are there for them. Maintain eye contact while you are talking to them.

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    If words fail you, let them know that you truly care through a warm physical gesture such as a hug or a gentle squeeze of their hand.

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    Your grieving friend may want to talk about their loved one and what they have lost. If you see them in the mood to talk, lend them an ear. Patiently listen as they vent their feelings. Do not feel uncomfortable if they start crying. Understand that talking about the loss and shedding tears are important parts of the emotional healing process.

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    Your friend may start to ignore their health while grieving over the loss of their loved one. Make sure that they do not start skipping meals. If you are aware of what their favourite food is, try to prepare it for them.

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    Help your grieving friend out by running errands for them and looking after their house. Take over their responsibilities for a few days as they try to come to terms with their loss.

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    Continue to check up on your friend for a while by regularly visiting their house or giving them a call. Be sure to ask them if there is anything they need.

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