How to Hide a Hangover from Parents

When you are at a party, it is easy to forget that drinking is not allowed if you are not of a legal age. The loud music, the dancing and basically all-around fun puts you in the mood to be wild and adventurous. However, you will find yourself in some serious trouble if your parents discover that you consumed alcohol. You will need to be really sharp if you want to keep your parents in the dark and avoid getting grounded. Hiding a hangover is not easy, so be prepared to go a little bit out of your way to keep your drinking a secret.


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    Sleeping is one of the best ways to hide a hangover from the parents. You parents will be able to easily tell that you have consumed alcohol when they see you struggling to focus and concentrate. They will definitely throw more questions your way in order to observe the time you take to answer them and also judge how well you answer them. With the colours more bright, noises more loud, everything looking a bit wobbly, you will surely find it hard to gather your thoughts and reply as you normally would. This is why you should try to spend more time on the bed in your room. Lock the door if you are sure that it will not raise suspicion.

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    Drink plenty of water. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect, which consequently leads to fatigue, headache, dizziness, etc. In order to counter these undesirable effects, consume lots of water. Avoid drinking coffee and tea because they are diuretic and consequently cause your body to lose more water.

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    Brush your teeth many times a day in order to remove the stench of alcohol from your teeth and breath. You will have plenty of explaining to do to your parents if your breath smells of alcohol every time you open your mouth to speak in front of them. If possible, keep mint-flavoured chewing gum with you. They can come in real handy in situations like these.

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    Go to the gym and work out to sweat out the alcohol. Gym is probably the last place where a person would want to be while suffering from a hangover. However, hitting the gym at a time like this can keep you safe from the wrath of your parents.

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    Put on a cologne or deodorant to conceal the smell of alcohol. This way, your parents will not be able to tell from your smell that you just had something to drink.

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