How to Break up when Children Are Involved

If you and your partner find it hard to get along with each other and have decided to break up with each other and the kids are involved, then you have to be very careful. Breaking up with your partner is one thing but doing the same with kids involved is a totally different thing. In some cases, where things went out of control, couples broke up with each other and so with the kids while some realise their responsibility towards the children and reached a consensus regarding how they will work things out.

Break up itself is one of the most difficult things but when kids are involved, it becomes harder for everyone. Having a child with someone creates your affiliation with the partner and no matter how worse things go; you will always find yourself attached to both of them. If you and your partner have decided to break up with each other, then you should also decide about your responsibilities towards the kid. Not to mention, who will take the custody of the child is the most important thing and should be settled in advance.


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    Children can be very stressful with the news of break up; therefore you should plan with your partner how would you tell them about the news. In many cases, couples try to ignore the disagreements they have and live together for their children but if you are unable to do that, it is better that you part ways.

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    You should decide with your partner in advance regarding the responsibilities of your kid. Do not forget to decide the timings of meetings and spending vacations with the kid.

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    You must inform your child and explain to him that there will be no affect on your affiliation with him. He might ask several questions from both of you, do not stop him and let him ask anything he wants.

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    You should come to an agreement with your spouse regarding the expenditures of your kid. Do not forget to plan about his schooling and involve him in sports.

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    If necessary, you can take advice of a counsellor.

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    Make your kids understand that it is not the worst thing in fact; it is for the betterment of all of you. Tell him that both of you might be seeing other people after a short time.

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    Explain to your child that he can reach whenever he wants, you will always be there for him.

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