Top 10 Reasons to Love Someone

Life is nothing without love. Some people don’t even realise it, but they end up falling in love with the people around them. This is because it is such a natural phenomenon, that everyone goes through in their life.

There is a perception among some that there is no reason for falling in love and it just happens. This is not correct at all, as there is always a particular reason behind liking someone, regardless of whether you know the other person or not.

Even if you fall in love with someone at sight, it means that you are attracted towards the other person’s looks, dressing or some other feature(s). In addition to physical attraction, there are various reasons for why people love someone.


  • 1


    You will not find too many honest people around you, but if you do, you might fall in love with them for their truthfulness.

  • 2

    Same interests

    Another reason for loving others can be common interests. Let’s say you play a particular sport and are good at it. At some point in life, you may find a partner, who complements you really nicely in the game. This way, you will eventually become very good friends and love each other.

  • 3


    The way you carry yourself is quite important. Probably the most important feature people look for in you is the personality. If it is good, then others will definitely like you.

  • 4


    Intelligent people are loved by others around them. No matter they are at school, office or any other place, they will get the attention of others around them.

  • 5


    The reason why children love their mothers is because of their kindness. Although one can never find any other kinder person than his/her mother, yet there are a few people who are really nice and deserve to be loved.

  • 6


    Confidence is the key to achieving everything in life no matter if it is success, money, family or love.

  • 7


    Simply by being soft spoken, you can get love from everyone you know.

  • 8

    Good sense of humour

    Not everyone has got a good sense of humour, but the ones who do are liked by their colleagues, friends and family members.

  • 9

    Good looks

    No matter how much you deny it, good looks make a lot of difference. People with better facial features will attract others more than a normal person.

  • 10

    Comfort level

    When you are comfortable around someone, it means that you like that person and don’t hesitate while sharing anything with him/her.

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