How to Make a Maternity Belly Band

It’s hard to keep a woman away from accessorizing herself even during the pregnancy period since there are several women who search for stylish accessories like maternity belly bands etc during their pregnancy. A maternity belly band is the best thing to have during pregnancy because it not only looks stylish, but also provides comfort and at the same time covers the entire belly of the pregnant woman. In addition to this, maternity belly band is considered quite useful in every phase of pregnancy since women can use it to hide open pant zippers which they can’t zip up because of bulging tummies, as well as maternity panels in denims. But there is no need for them to spend any money to buy a maternity belly band because they can easily make it at home with their own t-shirt. In order to know how they can make it, take help from the following steps.

Things required to make a maternity belly band:
– T-Shirt
– Scissor
– Pin
– Needle and Thread


  • 1

    Knit T-Shirt

    To make a maternity belly band, get an old knit t-shirt that used to fit your body before pregnancy. This kind of shirt will make an ideal maternity belly band, but which may get tight on your belly during the weeks of pregnancy. However, when your belly size increases, use another old knit t-shirt to make a new belly band. But the shirt you choose this time should be large in size than the previous one. The preferred material for them is one that is made with 10 percent spandex and 90 percent cotton or jersey.

  • 2

    Cut the T-Shirt

    After selecting the shirt put it flat on the table in a way that its front side should come up. Grab a scissor and cut this t-shirt horizontally under the armholes.

  • 3

    Zizag Stitching

    Now throw away the upper portion of the t-shirt and make the top hem with the remaining cloth. After that turn the shirt’s band from back to front and lay it on a table. Fold the hem to one inch and then pin it down so you can sew the hem in a zigzag stitch by keeping it close to the raw edge. This zigzag stitch will provide stretch when you wear it, and it will prevent the stitches from breaking.

  • 4

    Belly Band is Ready

    Now turn this band right side out, as it is ready to wear. The advantage of using a t-shirt was that you would not have to sew the bottom of the hem because it has a factory finished edge.

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