How to Get Dumped by your Boyfriend

A lot of girls like fickle relationships and get bored of their boyfriends after some time. If you do not want to be with your boyfriend anymore, and don’t want to become the guilty party as well, then do something about it and get him to dump you. However, make sure you pull this stunt off smartly. Never give an open indication that you are behaving out of character, otherwise he will notice it and can make life difficult for you. Moreover, try to end things on a good note and keep minimal contact even after the break up. Remember that there are a number of things you can do to get dumped by your boyfriend.


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    Getting started

    Stop spending time with him as you previously did. Just make an excuse that you have some work or that you are looking for your best friend. If you see him in school, then act like you are busy with your friends or pretend that you have a call.

    Do not begin a conversation with him under any circumstances. If he starts a conversation then just nod and ignore him whenever you can.

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    Be less intimate

    If your boyfriend tries to get intimate, pull away after a few seconds or turn your head. If he tries to talk about his day, then do not ask questions from him. If he gets upset and want you to pamper him, do not give in to his demand as this would break your resolve to end things with him.

    Ignore his compliments and do not reply to them. If he makes a joke, avoid laughing and do not encourage him to make more jokes. Be indifferent as much as you can. Always act weird when you are with him.

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    Flirt with others in his presence

    This is a great idea and it is best to flirt with his close friends. This is something which can really tick off a boy friend and he might actually dump you after seeing this.

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