How to Love Your Neighbour as Yourself

A human is a social animal and needs a society to survive in. We all depend on each other for a harmonious and peaceful life. Every one of us has certain rights and obligations, which need to be fulfilled if we wish to get through life smoothly.

Just like family and friends, neighbours play an important role in our daily lives. If we can develop healthy relations with the people living close to us, we can form social bonds which ultimately hold the society together. However, this is not as easy as it appears and you must have immense tolerance to ensure that your neighbours are happy with you.


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    Love your neighbours for the love of God

    If you have complete faith in God and follow the teachings of your religion in letter and spirit, you are most likely to love your neighbours as your own self. God wants you to love all the people around you, especially neighbours, as mentioned in Quran and Bible. Do not limit your religion to worship only. If you want to please your creator, the best way is to love all of his creatures.

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    Consider their comfort

    If you wish to love your neighbours and want the same in return, you have to consider their comfort. By taking little things into account like your car parking and volume of your television or radio, you can save yourself from annoying your neighbours. If you have a party or a function at home, you must ensure that it does not affect the privacy and comfort of your neighbours. Avoid any kind of noise or disturbance late at night.

    One of the most important obligations upon you is to keep your area or street neat and clean.

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    Exchange gifts

    Gifts are a great source of enhancing love among people. It is not necessary that you present your neighbours with expensive gifts. In fact, small gifts like a decoration piece can do wonders. If you have cooked something nice and delicious, never be hesitant in sharing with your neighbours.

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    You should always look to participate in local functions or get-togethers. If there is a wedding in your neighbourhood, you should actively take part in the arrangements, lending a helping hand to the people living close to you. Participating in funerals is even more important as your neighbours would desperately need your moral support in testing times.

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