How to Deal With Anorexic Friends or Family

Anorexia is becoming increasing common, especially in teenagers who are not too comfortable with their body. This can be triggered by a number of things, such as sneering remarks in school or college, photoshopped pictures in magazines, models and celebrities, etc.

People suffering from anorexia become so conscious of their body that they start torturing themselves by eating as little as possible with the intended motivation of losing as much weight as possible.

If you have an anorexic friend or family member, you need to help them out to cope and eventually free themselves from this mental anguish.


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    Try to make your anorexic friends and family members feel normal by conversing with them as often as possible. They may be going through a very tough time and could possibly be desperate to share their thoughts with someone.

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    Do not hurt their feelings by calling them fat or making them conscious of their body shape. Anorexic people are already so uncomfortable about their weight and body, but if someone reinforces their thoughts, they get pushed into a deeper complex and consequently makes the situation even more dire. Let their concerns about their body and weight remain in their mind instead of giving them a confirmation.

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    You may need to get your anorexic friends or family professional help. The habit will not die on its own unless someone makes them realise just how harmful it is. No matter how much you try to force your anorexic friends or family to eat more, things will not get better as they will continue to believe that they are over-weight and therefore needs to avoid eating too much. A professional will have an experience of dealing with anorexic patients and therefore will be able to help your friends or family to recover from it before too much damage is dealt.

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    Try to spend a lot of time with your anorexic friends or family. If you leave them alone, they will start thinking negative thoughts about their weight. You do not want them to become even more conscious about their weight by allowing them to think about it too much, which is why it is really important for you to give them as little alone time as possible.

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    Hang out with them and have fun. Spoil your anorexic friends or family by spending the day having fun with them. Pamper them by buying them something nice to eat or drink.

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