How to Survive a long Distance Military Relationship

Most people believe that long distance relationships do not work. The point is true in most cases; however, it is up to you to survive a relationship. Obviously, there are many sacrifices you must give when you are in a relationship with a person who is serving the armed forces. But there are ways through which you can survive the association with your lover.

Frequent contact, remaining positive and honest are a few things that are crucial in maintaining a steady relationship. There must be a great understanding between the two partners in order for the relationship to survive.


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    Talk frequently

    Long distance relationships can be survived only if you talk on a regular basis. Try to talk frequently even if it is for a minute or two so that you can know how the day has been for your loved one. Army officials usually have a busy schedule and they may not talk on the phone at times. There are many other ways to stay in contact such as through email, text messaging or through social networking websites.

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    Remain positive

    You have to be patient and must be positive if you want the relationship to survive. There may be instances when he does not talk to you or is busy. You must be positive about things and keep the issues aside. Always remain positive so that your partner is also thoroughly satisfied with the relationship.

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    Do not play the blame game

    It is always good to accept mistakes and resolve issues as soon as possible. Playing the blame game never helps as there is no end to that sort of discussion. You must admit whatever wrong you have done and move on with things.

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    Never cheat

    This is the worst thing you can do when in a relationship. Even though you may be lonely and frustrated, that does not mean that you have the right to cheat on your loved one. You have to understand that your partner is serving the country and how he may feel when he gets to know about the reality.

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    Be honest about things

    Always be honest about issues. Tell him about the things you dislike so that there is no formality in the relationship.

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