How to Include the Father of the Groom

Wedding is one of the most important phases of a person’s life. For most people, it is a one time opportunity and thus, they want to make their wedding commendable and memorable. Some start planning for their weddings much earlier while some start the planning for wedding months before. Mostly people start giving thoughts to their wedding a few months before the actual date. On this important occasion, the groom should realize the importance of including his father who helped him get through all the obstacles in life.


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    Make him feel important

    You should never let your dad down and when it comes to your marriage, you should try to give him as much importance as possible. For this, you must include him in every decision. If you are going to convey things to him then there is no point in including thing. You should ask him to participate in every aspect and value his opinion. If you let your father know that he is important and you will be considering his suggestions, it will make him feel great.

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    Enquire about the family traditions

    Family traditions are considered most important during weddings and one should never abandon a good tradition. To make your dad feel special, the groom should ask his father about the traditions that his family has been doing on weddings for years. It can be a long list, so you must note down everything.

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    Ask if he is willing to share expenses

    Sharing your wedding expenditure might make your dad feel happy, so you must ask him if he wants to do that. Parents usually start saving for their children’s marriage at a very earlier stage, so you should not spilt milk on their efforts and let your father contribute if that is his wish.

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    Let him arrange the rehearsal dinner

    You should hand over the responsibility of the rehearsal dinner to your father and let him do things his own way. There is a great possibility that he might do something unique and interesting that would catch your attention and you would want to make it a part of the actual ceremony.

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    Give him reasonable importance in the function

    You must introduce your dad to all the people who are arranging your ceremony. You must tell the photographer and the lighting man to give due importance to your father.

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    Let him dance with the bride

    You should let your father dance with the bride as it is considered an important gesture.

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