How to Obtain Closure on a Relationship

One of the worst things about relationships is that they can come to an end anytime, no matter how beautiful they are. You find yourself thinking that you and your significant other would be together forever, yet a series of unfortunate events or fights eventually push you both to a point where you decide to break up. It does not matter if you experience your first break-up or your fifth, the pain that it brings is always very intense. However, you need to pick yourself up after experiencing a break-up and start living life again. There may be someone much better waiting for you, someone you might miss if you do not start searching for them.


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    Even though a lot of people will advise you to close out the memories of all the time that you have spent with your ex, it is easier said than done. It is not easy to forget the time that you have spent with your ex and if you somehow manage to do that, it will only go to prove that you are indeed a very scary and heartless person. Instead of running away from these memories, embrace them. There is no harm in remembering the good and bad times that you had with your ex. By embracing these memories, you will find yourself much more relaxed. Running away from anything only makes a person weak and vulnerable.

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    After you embrace your memories, it is best to sit down and write down all the good things as well as bad things about your relationship with your ex on a piece of paper. Writing down your thoughts and memories will make it appropriate for you to understand them even better and even allow you to assess them. You will be able to get a better understanding of why the relationship between you and your ex could not last.

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    After you have assessed and analysed the good and bad things about your relationship with your ex on a piece of paper, try to deduce if you blame your ex, yourself or some third person for damaging the relation beyond repair. If you blame yourself, ask yourself if you really are at fault and if it was possible for you avoid doing things that you did. If you blame your ex, then ask yourself if they really were at fault and if it is fair to give them the entire blame. If you blame a third party, ask yourself if the bond between you and your ex was already weakened and vulnerable, which allowed a third person to damage it. If you are not blaming anyone, then you are definitely being logical and already beginning to get over the break-up.

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    Remove the belongings, if anyone, of your ex from your room and house so that you are not constantly reminded of them.

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    Start going out more and spend time with your friends. Go visit places such as clubs and cafes where you may get to meet new people and maybe bump into the person who is perfect for you.

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