Nervous Fiancé – Here are the best tips!

Remember having cold feet is completely normal after all this is one of the most important decision you make of your life and your brain will end up playing games with you… continuously tell you things like “Am I doing the right thing” “Is he/she the one” “will he/she treat me right” “Am I really in love” well… most of the time these are just thoughts that play in your mind only because of that important day and deep down you believe he/she is the right person or you wouldn’t have said yes… if your fiancé is having second thoughts then you must get down to the root of the problem and resolve it as soon as you can otherwise I’m afraid its bad news… and I don’t need to spell that out for you.

Here are the steps to cope with a nervous fiancé who is having doubts:


  • 1

    Get to the correct source

    You must break it down and understand exactly what is making her terrified but remember don’t be mad about it, you need to take these steps as a caring and understanding other half – you need to understand that it is very common to have cold feet about this particular scenario therefore find the root of the problem and you can get over the hurdle or take appropriate action.

    - Find out if the problem is you or the big move of “marriage” tell her/him to be up front as that is the only thing that will help both of you. It could be nerves due to all the wedding preparations, which is a normal, factor that affects many couples that are preparing for marriage.

  • 2

    Hire a wedding planner

    The best thing you can do is hire yourself a wedding planner if you have the budget in place for one, this relieves all the burden you have on your shoulders and your fiancés quite a bit – means everything will be coordinated and she certainly wont be let down on her big day.

  • 3

    Get yourself a therapist

    There is nothing better than getting someone that knows what they’re doing, this is your life after all and if spending a little bit of money helps it then go right ahead and book a few hours with a therapist it will calm him/her down

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