How to Be a Good Hugger

Being a good hugger is very detrimental to an individual’s attributes as it reflects one’s personality. Most of the people are very good at hugging their closed ones while the case is otherwise in some cases. Some people find it really hard to hug their loved ones; that might be due to the lack of confidence, lack of knowledge or the inability to be in the right position. You must remember that running away is not the solution to any problem; therefore, you must try to improve your hugging skills.


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    Realise the need for hugging

    You must realise the need for hugging your loved ones. Most of the times hugging is misunderstood as the result of one’s emotional attachment to others. You should keep in mind that this is not always the case. You should not only hug people when your emotional feelings are escalated, instead hugging someone reflects your notion of care. If your closed one is depressed or embarrassed at something, then you must know that, hugging them is the need of the situation. As this way, you will be able to calm them down and tell them that they need not worry and everything is going to be alright.

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    Know the difference between hugging and crushing

    In order to be a good hugger, you must know the difference between hugging and crushing someone. For this, you must realise that hugging reflects your level of care and emotional feelings towards someone and it certainly does not mean that you hold them in your arms and press the person as tightly as you can. A hug is meant to be comfortable, thus you should not be crushing the person while she is in your arms, as this will make her uncomfortable.

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    Be in the right position

    It is important that you must be in a right position to hug a person. For this, both of you should be facing each other and it does not matter if you have an athletic built or you are too tall, you can still hug the person in an appropriate manner. For this, you should place your hands on her back and wrap up her in your arms.

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    Let go the other person

    If you feel like that the other person wants to end the hug, you should let her go and do not try to keep her in your arms.

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