How to Get Your Wife to Love You Again

Marriage is typically the perfect ending for any love story. While the films and novels typically end here, life continues after marriage and so does the relation between the happily married couple. In many instances, love between the husband and wife begins to fade because of the lack of communication, hectic life, financial burden, change in priorities, etc.

If you are one of the many unfortunate husbands who feel that they are no longer loved by the woman they married years ago, you should act immediately to earn her love again.


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    Accepting the fact that things between you and your wife are no longer the same is the first step to mending the relation and making her love you again. This can be hard to accept at first, but you have to be strong eventually and accept the reality. Before getting too depressed about it, keep in mind that she is still with you, which goes to prove that she has not completely fallen out of love with you and therefore you still have a very good chance of making the love strong again.

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    Do not let the paranoia or even obvious facts get the better of you. If she does not show affection anymore, or even comes right out to say that she does not love you, do not give up. You need to understand that she is a woman after all and women are known to be emotional and multi-faceted. You cannot really tell what is really going through her mind. Once again, the mere fact that she is staying with you, looking after the kids, doing the cooking and taking care of the house is a good enough proof that she still has love for you in her heart.

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    Ask yourself why her feelings for you have become weak. Have you been giving her enough attention recently? Are you treating her nicely? When was the last time you bought her a gift? Having you been showing her enough affection and appreciation? A wife expects a great deal from her husband, majority of which does not cost any money at all.

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    Once you have thought of all the things that could have possibly played a role in making your wife love you less, start making amends. Gift her something that she has been craving to buy for weeks or months. Compliment her whenever you get an opportunity. Show her affection. Communicate to her, focusing more on listening than talking. Help her out with the house-hold chores. Make it obvious to her that you love her and care about her. Take her out on a romantic date to her favourite restaurant. Do something of her interest.

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