How Many Calories Do You Burn A Day Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most difficult tasks that women must do. Not to mention that the pain that a woman has to suffer while giving birth to a child is incomparable and the task becomes more exhausting when she has to breastfeed her child. The problem does not lie in the willingness to breastfeed but the lack of knowledge and experience is what makes the task difficult. Not to mention that breastfeeding requires a lot of energy and patience, thus a woman can burn many calories in a day.


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    Decide your style

    There are different styles of breastfeeding, which a mother can use according to her preferences. It is of pivotal importance that you must decide which plan you want to use to breastfeed your baby. Two breastfeeding styles are most popular the lap and the football style. The lap style allows the mother to hold a baby in her lap and let her breastfeed. Here the baby is comparatively much comfortable as it is more convenient for him. This also allows the mother to adjust the position of baby according to her sitting arrangement. In contrast, the football style is a little tough, as a woman needs to set her place accordingly. In this, she places a pillow at her back and make the baby lie down, then she bend towards the baby and allow him to breastfeed.

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    Drink juices

    A lot of calories are burnt during breastfeeding, thus it is of considerable importance that the woman should keep drinking as much juices as possible. If she fails to match her instructed juice diet, there is a strong possibility that she will start fainting and turn weak. Therefore, in order to improve her health and stay strong, she must take proper intake of juices. Note that burning calories is not your goal but you should be willing to balance the deficiency of calories.

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    Ask your consultant

    Experts say that on average, a woman burns more than 500 calories in a day just because of the breastfeeding. This attracts the attention of women, who are searching for ways to get rid of their calories. You should remember that consultant strongly demands that you fulfil your intake of calories. It is important for you to stay healthy and strong otherwise you might be required to stop breastfeeding, which obviously, would not be in the favour of your infant.

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