How to Maintain Happiness in a Relationship

When a relationship first takes off, it appears to be a bed of roses. As time passes by, however, things begin to fall apart, with the couple who was once very much in love suddenly finding it hard to endure each other’s company for more than a few minutes. If this tension is allowed to persist, the relationship eventually reaches a tipping point and ends.

If you are very much in love with your partner and do not want your relation with them to have an unfortunate end, then you must make a committed effort to maintain happiness in your relationship. This involves keeping both yourself and your partner satisfied.


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    Never take your loved one for granted. You must realise the value of what you have and treat them with respect, love and care. You may be very much in love with them but it is important that you continue to show it through your words and actions to make them aware of your feelings. Irrespective of what your friends and some journalists may say, it is perfectly fine to tell your beloved just how special they are and how much they mean to you.

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    Communication is the key to maintaining a strong and happy relationship. Do not hesitate to talk to your partner about anything that is bothering you and encourage them to do the same. Rather than letting a problem grow in the background, you two should bring it to the forefront and deal with it.

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    No matter how busy you are, always take some time out for your partner. Understand that your partner loves you and wants to spend time with you. You probably gave her plenty of attention during the early days of your relationship, but gradually got more involved in your work or friends. It you keep ignoring your partner for too long, they may start feeling lonely and unwanted. Just sit down with them to talk about your day and listen to how they spent theirs. Go out on a date regularly if possible.

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    Always give without expecting anything in return. Surprising your partner with a gift, comforting them when they are sad, celebrating their triumphs and supporting them whenever they need it will definitely make them feel special and fall even more in love with you.

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    Always trust your partner as it is the foundation of any relationship, without which everything would come crashing down. The bond between you two will not be able to last if you leave the door open for doubt, distrust and paranoia.

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    If you and your partner ever end up in an argument, be sure to fight fair. Refrain from shouting and be sure to avoid bringing up events from the past, as that will fuel the fight even more.

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    Be your partner’s best friend. This basically involves maintaining a comfort level that will encourage them to talk to you about anything they want without the fear of a strong reaction. Also, remember to laugh and play together. The latter involves teasing them playfully or joking with them, etc.

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