Best ways to calculate love compatibility

Are you doubting your compatibleness with your partner? Maybe it’s just too good to be true? You want to confirm the icing on the cake.  You might be reading this just to prepare in advance… well even better! It is much better to look at these steps before you give over your heart to someone – remember nobody is rushing you the best decisions are made when you take your time with a cool head.


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    What do you want?

    Figure out what you want in your life right now? Do you want to focus more on your career if so then that is at the top of your priority and that may not be your partner/future partner’s priority… If you do not have matching priorities then this can affect your relationship in the future. For example she wants kids and he wants a better job with a better income which means kids is not even in his mind right now… make sure you set the priorities straight instead of making a big mistake and thinking your partner will bend there partners for you – never assume this as love can only go so far.

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    How similar are your values and qualities

    What are you looking for in a person in terms of life values and qualities in a human being? Does your partner have them qualities? For example you may be looking for an honest family person, someone that is not stingy but open hearted with everyone… Now if you have these type of qualities it means you believe in having these qualities, if your partner doesn’t have any of that then its obvious you will not believe in half the things that he/she does in front of you. Take a step back and see the values/qualities your partner holds and if you can’t see them ask questions without being too obvious.

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    Quick Tips

    Don’t always be around your partner, time away is always healthy

    See how fast your arguments disappear, the quicker they get flushed the more healthy the relationship

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