How to Properly Care For Your Husband

Being a perfect wife can be really difficult. It is really tough to know the exact expectations of the husband and even if a wife miraculously manages to learn these expectations, it is next to impossible to live up to them.

However, there is one thing that she can do and that is to set up standards of a good wife for herself. All she needs to do after setting up these standards is to live up to them, which is hardly as challenging as living up to the expectations of her husband. Of course, these new standards that she sets up will revolve around her husband and help her to ensure that he is taken care of properly.


  • 1

    Get up early in the morning to prepare a proper breakfast for your husband. Do not serve him cereal every day, unless that is exactly what he prefers to have early in the morning. Prepare tea or coffee for him so that he kicks-off the day with plenty of energy. He will really appreciate your taking care of him early in the morning.

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    After he is done using the bathroom, arrange his tooth-brush, shaving kit and any other morning-grooming item on the shelf.

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    When your husband sits down to eat breakfast, bring him the newspaper. Majority of the husbands do this on their own, but if you want to make your husband feel pampered, you can do it for him. If he feels awkward or does not approve of your fetching him the newspaper in the morning, stop doing this.

  • 4

    Kiss your husband in the morning to show him that you love him and are doing things for him out of love and not because you think of it as a duty or responsibility.

  • 5

    Accompany him to the door as he is leaving for office. Give him a hug or goodbye kiss.  Stay at the door until he disappears from sight before closing the door.

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    Give him a call at or after lunch time to tell him that you love him and are missing him. Ask him how his day at the office is going. If something interesting has happened since he has left for office, share it with him. Gossip a little if you both are into it. If you need him to get groceries on his way home, tell him.

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    Get into the kitchen well in time to cook dinner for him. Try to cook food that he loves.

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    When he comes back home, open the door and give him a welcome hug or kiss. Take his briefcase from him and help him take off his coat or jacket. Ask him to freshen up and while he does that, prepare the dining table. Serve food after he sits down on the table.

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    If he sits down on the couch to watch TV, join him. Hold his hands while watching TV. If you have children, make sure you let them spend time with their father, even if for a little while, before sending them to bed.

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