Cute ways to break a pregnancy announcement

Announcing a pregnancy can be one of the most joyous things a couple can share especially if it is your first child together. And if you are looking to break the news in an extraordinarily surprising manner, then you have come to the perfect place. We have compiled for you six cute ways to break your pregnancy news .


  • 1

    Spoon Feed Him The News

    You can break the news to him during a breakfast meal by simply engraving a spoon with the words ‘’we’re expecting.’’

  • 2

    Propose Fatherhood

    Go back to where he proposed to you and also do the same. Except this time around you will be handing him a box with a positive pregnancy test inside.

  • 3

    Take Him On A Dinner Date

    A dinner date is a perfect time to break the news to him. Make sure he doesn’t have the slightest idea about the news. That way breaking it to him will be much more fun.

  • 4

    Write It On Your Belly

    Write the words “I’m pregnant or baby on board’’ on your belly. And make him take off your shirt. Once he sees it, he’ll be more than surprised!

  • 5

    Break The News With Grocery

    Take a piece of paper and write the words ‘’you’ll soon be a dad’’ and stash it in the grocery bag. Once he gets home, have him unpack the bag for you. He’ll be more than thrilled once he finds the note.

  • 6

    Hide It In The Fridge

    Take a medium sized cardboard and try fitting it in the center of the inner section of the fridge. The moment he gets back from work. Tell him to hand you something from the fridge!

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