How to Get a Celebrity\’s E Mail Address

If you are a huge fan of a certain popular figure and you want to get in touch with him or her for an autograph picture or just chat for a bit. You also might have an interesting proposal for the celebrity or whatever your objective is, the most effective way to contact them is through email. Most of the celebrities do not have their email addresses given in easily accessible areas. However, if you dig enough and follow several steps, you can find a celebrity’s email address. There are a lot of ways to complete your mission.


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    Visit the celebrity’s website or official fan page

    Go on the internet and search the celebrity’s fan page or website. A few of these hotshots might have given their email address on either of the two social media platforms. Navigate the about section of the site and watch out for a contact address. On the other hand, you can also log onto your Facebook or Myspace page. Add the celebrity on Facebook to get access to any information he/she has shared on his/her wall or join his/her official page on this website. If you are unable to get the email address on the celebrity’s Facebook or Myspace pages, send a message to him/her and beg for him/her to share his/her email id with you.

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    Take the alternate route

    If you can’t get the email id directly, try calling his agent or one of their media managers to ask for the email address. If you do not know anything who the rep or agent is, write the name of the celebrity and “agent” on Google or some other engine and look over the findings. If this does not work, then look for the agent at Who Represents, Contact Any Celebrity or a celebrity agency such as Jonathan Lipman. Also you perform an extensive search if you are getting nowhere. This can be done by talking to people who have contacts with celebrities.

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    Talk to celebrity’s union or employer

    Get in touch with the celebrity’s master or union to ask for the email address. For instance, call the Screen Actors Guild if you are searching for a singer’s email id or call the publisher who printed the writer’s work. You can get the name and address of the printer by searching on the opening pages of a book.

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